MET Group is active in the physical and derivative markets of the oil industry, both crude and refined products.
We operate a state of the art trading floor in London and also have a physical presence in Switzerland and Hungary. We focus on two main business activities: global oil markets and regional customer solutions.

Global Crude and Refined Products Trading: Physical and Derivatives

  • Optimisation of physical logistics, linking the system efficiently to the global oil markets and extending the reach of MET Group through commodity flows in the Eastern European region and globally
  • Optimisation and extension of required crude buying into regional refining system combined with management of logistics and procurement
  • Waterborne products strategy centred on trading and logistics Black Sea / Med, stretching to North Africa. Driven by import / export needs of the CEE region
  • Physical trading experience of the team covers 38 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Far East
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CEE Products, Wholesale and Retail 

  • Providing high quality supply service and market access to large and mid-size customers in the CEE region
  • Optimisation of the complete regional supply chain: management of logistics and financial solutions to the consumer in their access of the regional supply markets from FSU product sources
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