The MET oil team has two primary activities:

  • Fuels wholesale and retail in the CEE region
  • Global crude and products trading

Our customer business in the Central and Eastern European region is run by a team with extensive understanding of the entire local products value chain. This allows us to deliver the high quality supply logistics service and market access that industrial and commercial customers demand in the region.
The trading team’s deep experience of both the physical and derivatives markets is key to our success, which comes from closely servicing the logistical and paper needs of both our business partners and our investors. Our objectives are to:

  • Deliver blended crude oil to a target specification at the lowest cost
  • Deliver value to pipeline partners through logistical and global optimisations
  • Deliver improved customer market access and drive liquidity

The company’s mission is to extend activity beyond the Group’s home region of Eastern Europe, to enable this to be linked to the secondary market and to all facets of the global oil markets.